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Online Premier: turtleneck (2016) by Hannah Ford

We're pleased to share the link for Hannah Ford's turtleneck (2016) which is premiering online today. Hannah Ford is a graduate from GSA and her 2014 short Terry's Last Intern won Underwire's Best Under 25 Award. She was nominated for Best Woman Director at London Short Film Festival 2016 and selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015 alongside The Menu.

'Throughout turtleneck we only learn the name of one character and that’s in her absence. The film otherwise follows a meandering protagonist, disillusioned with the menial tasks that make up her workdays and distracting herself with the sporadic youtube links from an admirer somewhere on her periphery, forming a mixtape too fragmented. In an era of over-analysing, solace is sought out through the landscape but it too struggles from a congested city, adorned with plastic waste and leaving little space for reflection.'

Find turtleneck here.

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