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DISPATCH FMI is an intersectional feminist moving image curatorial practice and online platform with a focus on works created by women. Our aim is to bring feminist cinema and theory to all by making our screenings accessible, affordable, and educational.


CONTACT and submissions

Contributors INCLUDE 

Rene matic, Elly Collins, LESLIE DE OLIVEIRA, Amaya Bañuelos Marco, Kathinka Engels, Alexander hetherington, ama josephine budge, Matt turner, Gabriella Daris, Anhelo Escalante, nell cunningham, Annette LePique, So mayer, and daniel massie.  



dispatch team

jennifer shearman ( is founder and programme curator of DISPATCH FMI and works in arts education. She graduated with her first degree from Queen Mary, University of London, in Film and Comparative Literature in 2014. She then proceeded to study an Msc in Film, Exhibition and Curation at The University of Edinburgh. Jennifer has previously worked for The British Museum, the royal academy of arts, the Isabel Rocamora Studio and several London based film festivals. Her main interests are moving image, feminism, contemporary art and politics.


Amy Watts graduated from the University of York with a first class Sociology degree in which she explored the rise of Fourth Wave Feminism. Since moving to London she has worked front of house in two of London's independent cinemas and has worked in the private hire departments of both Everyman Cinemas and the Wellcome Collection. she's interested in anything by beyoncé and aUDRE LORDE. 

Margaux Portron holds a PhD in political philosophy and wrote a thesis that explored the relationship between drone warfare and democracy. After two years as researcher and deputy director for an organisation supporting conflict artists, she founded Paper Planes, an organisation which focuses on art and politics; it is the result of research and exchanges with creatives who express the need for a space to reflect critically on their practice, particularly when working with vulnerable artists or participants.

Pippa Melody Christian is a First Class Psychology Graduate from Queen Mary, University of London. She is currently working in the fashion industry and is passionate about using her platform to create social impact, particularly surrounding human rights injustices. She has a keen interest in astrology, writing poetry and watching one new film a week on MUBI.

Beth Cox is a History graduate now working in the world of TV. She graduated from Queen Mary, University of London where her studies revolved around the histories and politics of identity, sexuality, psychology and gender. She now works for one of the UK’s fastest growing indie producers of factual content and is currently working on a feature length documentary for Channel 4. Her favourite film makers are Werner Herzog and Nick Broomfield, while her favourite author is Haruki Murakami.

Amanda Mattsson is a digital marketing and ecommerce professional, a photographer and film editor born in Germany, from Sweden and raised across six different countries.  She has a keen interest for the way in which we interact online and the positive impacts on individual expression and collective movement. Amanda uses photography as her form of creative expression and is drawn to capturing authentic human interaction by means of celebrating life and individuality through emotive portraiture. She has expanded her creative focus towards moving image and has worked on editing a series of short videos for Oddity Magazine and Goat Street Gallery. Her main interests involve creating moments, sharing experiences and connecting communities.


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